Men’s Sober Living Program – Chester

Men in Long Term Recovery
Need Transitional Housing

Chester, PA has a thriving recovery community! Our Men’s Sober Living Program houses five residents in the same building as our non-profit offices in Chester.

Five men in long-term recovery (2 or more years of continuous sobriety) live on our premises and are like family to us. For a monthly rental fee each man receives a furnished, private room, shared bath, and beautiful common areas to feel ‘at home’ in Chester. All utilities, internet, cleaning supplies and Lily (our Sober living pup) are included!

Most importantly, residents receive as much support as they desire/need– job helps, food support, legal, social service guidance and loads of encouragement! With a backyard vegetable garden, grill, fire pit, home gym and many other amenities our residents enjoy the independence of living in a less-structured sober environment with like-minded ‘brothers’ — who have made their recovery a priority. This is a ‘win-win’ situation.

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JD’s Story, Male Resident

JD is a person in long-term recovery from the disease of substance use disorder (sud) and a Shevlin resident . JD was ” looking for a new way of life out of the pain of addiction”.

After completing in-patient treatment and living in a therapeutic recovery community, JD desired to live with like-minded men in a more independent environment.

JD now serves as Shevlin’s residential home manager, works full-time for a local treatment provider and is a member of Shevlin’s Community Advisory Board. Congratulations JD!

We Are Like Family

Our residents are like family to us! The Shevlin Foundation is proud to have 3 residents working full-time in residential treatment centers. Their commitment to helping the next guy – speaks volumes about their recovery journey! Want to learn more about our Sober Living Program for Men in Chester?
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