Our Mission


The Shevlin Family Foundation's mission is to promote hope by meeting the practical needs of those in early addiction recovery.


~ providing  short term recovery house scholarships (for houses we believe provide a safe, sober, and structured environment for those we serve) and other needs like food,   transportation, legal advocacy , sober support and encouragement etc. to persons who don't have resources to meet these needs;

~ helping addicted persons and their families access and navigate treatment options;

~ building and nurturing  sober communities for persons affected by addiction, and; 

~ developing and delivering programs aimed at addiction awareness and prevention.

- collaborating with social services, treatment centers, recovery houses, foundations and other public charities that support and encourage individuals in recovery and those that love them.

how we help


Qualified scholarship recipients receive short-term recovery housing help for houses, we believe , provide a safe, sober, and structured environment for those we serve.  Scholarships may be for 1 or 2 weeks and typically recovery homes will waive all intake fees if we provide a housing scholarship.  Apply here 


Hunger is real for those making a fresh start after treatment.   Although social services steps in- many times there's a gap  in time before benefits are received. We seek to fill the gap. By giving a person a local grocery store certificate it affirms their dignity and fills their tummy.    


Having access to public transportation is critical for those starting over.  Weekly bus passes, and Lyft/ Uber assistance has become a critical part of the services we deliver.   Whether its a ride  to court,  or an interview,  or a foster care visit-  we seek to provide practical assistance where most needed. 


Many need an advocate in the legal and /or human services systems to journey with them  and give them support.  Our staff  stands ready to be a voice for those we serve  or provide referrals to  other professionals.   Our in-house , Certified Recovery Specialist ,is an effective part of our delivery of services. 

Our History

Addiction is a 'Family' Disease


In October 2015, Peggie and Paul Shevlin set up a public charity to assist individuals seeking recovery. With 3 of their 7 children affected by addiction - they knew personally the effects of addiction. 

Grateful for their own children's recovery, they felt called to specifically serve needy persons transitioning from treatment to recovery housing. Promoting hope in this particularly vulnerable population was their goal. 

Today, hundreds of individuals have become recipients of the Shevlin Family Foundation - having applied for and received scholarships for housing, food, clothing, transportation, legal advocacy and/or sober support. 

Like any disease, addiction affects the whole family...but recovery &  healing  is possible!

Like any disease, addiction affects the whole family...but recovery &  healing  is possible!