Scott B.

I would like to express my gratitude for the opportunity that the Peggie & Paul Shevlin Family Foundation has made available to me. After just short of a year of living in recovery I slipped back into my old self destructive behaviors and within one month I lost everything I have in this world, material possessions and worst of all, the relationships with my family and friends. No matter how much I promised my family and friends I would stop, I just couldn't, and they had to take the tough love route which is the best thing they could've done for me. At this point I was blessed with the gift of desperation, and once I reached out to my sober supports they dropped everything to help me. The foundation funded the first month at a recovery house for me, I have been here for 3 weeks now and I have been clean and sober since June 19th 2017. Just when I felt completely alone, helpless, hopeless and having no desire to live anymore, this generosity restored my faith in the power of helping others.

Andrew A.

I just wanted to thank the Shevlin Foundation for everything they stand for. They gave me a month scholarship coming out of rehab for a recovery house. Words cant even describe how grateful I am! I'm still going strong and staying clean today! With the help from them I was able to have time to find a job without the extra stress of back rent. This seriously makes a huge difference in early recovery. I wish everyone could receive this gift coming out of rehab. I'm still in shock that an addict like me is living a clean life and its amazing! I just wanted to say thank you again! The only way I can ever repay this to share the message of hope! There is a way out and hope is within reach! Thanks again to the Foundation for helping me getting me get on my feet and getting another chance at life! 

Night of Recovery

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